Baahubali: The Conclusion

April 28, 2017 surya r 0

Undoubtedly the biggest film of the year, filmmaker SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali: The Conclusion is an experience you will cherish for a long, long time. The […]


April 26, 2017 surya r 0

Balaji Balakrishnan and Yogi Babu run their lives by driving water lorries and Bala Saravanan joins them as their assistant. It is on Yogi Babu’s […]


April 21, 2017 surya r 0

Heroine Swathi Narayanan hails from a village where people disapprove young girls and women from getting an education. However, she is stern in her belief […]


April 16, 2017 surya r 0

Arya is a skilled and daring hunter living in the forests of Kadambavanam region in the Western Ghats region along with many others. Catherine Tresa […]


April 14, 2017 surya r 0

Sakthi Vasu and his father Santhana Bharathi are both biryani masters while Sarah and her father Radharavi are running a vegetarian food service. As they […]

Pa Paandi

April 14, 2017 surya r 0

Cinema stuntman Rajkiran is living with his son Prasanna, daughter-in-law Chaya Singh and his grandchildren. Despite his old age, he is fearless in questioning those […]

Julieum 4 Perum

April 14, 2017 surya r 0

A dog named Julie in California, America is considered a lucky charm to many. A group decides to kidnap the dog and bring it to […]


April 14, 2017 surya r 0

Hero Viruthagiri and the heroine Swetha’s marriage is fixed by their parents when they are kids and they grow with the knowledge of that alliance. […]

Senjittale En Kadhala

April 13, 2017 surya r 0

Hero Ezhil Durai is a college-goer living with his father Ajay Ratnam, a lawyer by profession and his mother and sister. One day, he gets […]

8 Thottakkal

April 7, 2017 surya r 0

Hero Vetri is sent to jail when he is a kid for a crime he did not commit. A policeman who realizes that there’s potential […]