Happy birthday Kangana Ranaut: 6 stereotypes that the actress has shattered with her swag

Kangana Ranaut is a brand today but she didn’t start out as one. The actress that personifies fiery, feisty and fun came from humble beginnings. She could have been yet another outsider, who makes an impact in a few films before fading into oblivion but she chose to be the queen of an industry that she had once struggled her way into.

If there was a formula for success, Kangana sure wouldn’t have followed that. Call it her sense of righteousness or plain rebellion, there is no denying that she likes to take the road less travelled to reach where she is going. What else would explain her disregard for tradition? Right from running away from home to follow her dreams at the age of 16 to taking on one of the most influential men of the industry in a battle of words – Kangana has been there and done that. On her birthday today, here’s looking at the stereotypes that Kangana Ranaut has slayed in order to make a name for herself.

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