Balaji Balakrishnan and Yogi Babu run their lives by driving water lorries and Bala Saravanan joins them as their assistant. It is on Yogi Babu’s water supply route that the heroine Deekshitha, a 12th standard student, who also happens to be an avid Ilaiyaraaja fan. One day, an emergency comes up and Yogi Babu has to leave for his native. It is then when Balaji steps in for him and takes charge of the water supply duties. He comes across Deekshitha and it is love at first sight when he sees the pretty young girl.

Balaji then tries to woo her by playing Ilaiyaraaja songs each time he passes her route and she too begins to fancy him. Deekshitha after entering college professes her love for Balaji and he accepts her saying he loves her too. In the meantime, word about their relationship reaches Deekshitha’s home and her father Marimuthu and her relative Ravi, a politician along with his brother Muthukumar oppose Balaji stating he doesn’t belong to their family’s caste. At one point, Balaji defies them all and Ravi decides to kill him by sending Muthkumar to get the job done. What happens to Balaji? Does he get killed or is he reunited with Deekshitha? What happens to Deekshitha forms the rest of the plot of Nagarvalam.

Balaji, who charmed us with his performance in Kadhal Solla Vandhen is far behind this time in Nagarvalam and barely does anything to woo the heroine. His only mechanism to win the girl’s heart is playing Ilaiyaraaja’s songs. Deekshitha, who makes the transition from a school-going girl to a college student has pulled it off with ease and emotes well when listening to Ilayaraja’s songs. Yogi Babu once again does his job as he has always been consistent in comedy. He comes as a person who cannot speak Tamil properly and as expected hilarity ensues. Bala Saravanan, who has been making a mark on his own has done his role justice. Each time he pokes fun at Yogi Babu is a laugh-out-loud moment in the film. Muthukumar as Deekshitha’s brother and also the villain in the film has performed his role to a tee and also emphasizes the need to be a nurturing sibling. Despite being villainous in the first half of the film, he comes off as a caring brother who only wants good for his beloved sister. Although Anjathey Sridhar’s role is miniscule, his part is crucial to the overall proceedings of the narrative. Marimuthu and Namo Narayanan have brought in their experience and played their roles without any exaggeration.

Director Markx has tried to show the love between a water lorry driver and a student. His efforts for sketching Muthukumar’s character deserve appreciation. Although the filmmaker has tried to add depth to all the characters in the film, he fail to do the needful for the film’s lead Balaji. This has turned out to be a huge blow for the film’s prospects. Since most of the songs in the film are Ilaiyaraaja’s classic hits, composer Pavan Karthik’s efforts fail to make an impression. However, he resurrects himself with the background score. Tamizh Thendral’s cinematography skills come to the fore and he has done well.

In short, Nagarvalam lacks pace.

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