Sakthi Vasu and his father Santhana Bharathi are both biryani masters while Sarah and her father Radharavi are running a vegetarian food service. As they conduct their businesses together in various events, a friendship is formed and soon love blossoms between Sakthi Vasu and Sarah. Radharavi however is not pleased with his daughter getting into a relationship with Sakthi, who also has a pigeon. In the midst of this, Sakthi on a business trip is traveling in the train and it is then when an unidentified person pushes and gets him killed. As the police is unable to find any clue behind Sakthi’s death, they declare the case as an act of suicide. On the other hand, Sarah is convinced that it was not suicide as ruled out and files a police complaint that he was murdered. In the meantime, Raghava Lawrence, who is one of the top officers in the CB-CID is all set to get married to Ritika Singh. Lawrence begins the investigation as soon he gets married and boards a bungalow with his newly-wedded wife in Vellore.

Upon reaching the place, Lawrence witnesses certain odd and frightening incidents. Vadivelu enters the picture as a thief who comes to steal, but gets caught by Lawrence. Realizing his identity should not be revealed to the people outside, Lawrence takes in Vadivelu as his sidekick. In the meantime, Vadivelu witnesses a change in Ritika Singh’s behavior and informs Lawrence, who rejects his claims. However, in due time, Lawrence realizes that a spirit has entered Ritika Singh’s body and it is none other than Sakthi Vasu. The spirit goes on a murderous rampage and kills all those responsible for his death. Lawrence is left with no other choice than to comply with Sakthi’s spirit’s ultimatum to assist him in killing those responsible for his death or he will not release himself from Ritika Singh’s body. The rest of the plot of Sivalinga revolves around – what Lawrence does next; whether they find out the killer(s) behind Sakthi’s murder; why they killed Sakthi and how Lawrence identifies his killer.

Raghava Lawrence and horror films go hand in hand and the actor has once again excelled in all departments – be it action, comedy, sentiment, dance and romance. Ritika Singh sheds her boxer image casually from her previous Irudhi Suttru and delivers a satisfying performance yet again. She looks spectacular in traditional attire and sets our hearts pumping each time she appears on screen. Furthermore, she is a delight to watch in the dance sequences along with the choreographer turned actor turned director. Since the plot revolves around Sakthi Vasu, the actor has given a commendable performance and strikes a chord with the audiences in the scene where he explains his anguish in the climax. Sivalinga is truly Vadivelu’s return to mainstream cinema and the veteran comedian excites us each time he is in the frame. The supporting cast featuring Urvashi, Radharavi, Jayaprakash, Bhanupriya, Sarah and Pradeep Rawat all do their roles justice. Zakir Hussain as the villain is a terror on screen and the director has utilized him to the full extent.

After his Shivalinga turned out to be a blockbuster in Kannada, filmmaker P. Vasu has made Sivalinga in Tamil enjoyable for the young and old alike. The changes he has made for the Tamil version increase the pace of the film and makes it more racy. There is excitement throughout the film as to what will happen next each time there is a new twist. Likewise, the director’s casting is spot on. S. Thaman’s  music is a joy to our ears and makes it tough for us to not tap our feet. The same can be said about the background score which thrills us. Sarvesh Murali’s cinematography skills come to the fore as his lighting in the thrilling sequences stand out.

In short, Sivalinga is a thrilling ride.

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