The ‘Nine’ Actress Changes Her Policy But ‘Head’ Star Doesn’t

With the campaigning for the Tamil Film Producers Council in full swing, one of the camps approached the ‘Nine’ actress to discuss their manifesto with her.

When the team revealed to her that it will be mandatory for actors to attend promotional events and any individual failing to adhere to the rules would not be signed on for future projects, the actress was left fuming. The actress, who is also hailed as Tamil cinema’s reigning queen is known to include a clause that does not require her to be available for any promotional event. However, the actor has eventually agree to do away with the clause now.

But, when the team tried to approach a leading actor, who made the salt and pepper look classy, to put forth the new policy, they were turned down. We wonder if this move will do the illustrious actor’s career any damage.

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